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"Vincent" in its original written form

(My handwriting's significantly better when I'm not writing songs)

I've wanted to work with Bad America, who produced the song, for such a long time... His music is so intelligent and rebellious and elite and progressive. I'm so amazed by him.

The song's called "Vincent" because the day before I started working on it, I was reading an article about Vincent van Gogh and his struggle with finding his purpose* and dealing with a combination of impatience and disappointment from his family because of what they perceived as a lack of direction (especially since he was the oldest child)... That formed the lines:

Which is why I love (and almost always reference) artist interviews/stories because it's encouraging and comforting to hear (and know and be reminded) that feeling misplaced and uncertain isn't localized to young people... and they're normal and expected parts of the process... and the process takes time.  

The article was largely made up of letters between Van Gogh and his brother, where he talked about his poverty, depression, emptiness and search for purpose. This was my favorite (and most touching) part:

(*I have a weird, ambivalent relationship with the concept of "finding one's purpose" which I haven't fully figured out yet)