Time and time again

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1. For the last year (or two-ish), I've almost exclusively listened to afrobeats/grime/British rap so I made a playlist for you 😍 (the order is crucial, trust me fam) (how is Dave only 18 and already this cold?)  

2. I'm slowly getting back to making music. For the last year (or 2), I'd actually been writing stuff but it sort of felt ... average. So, I'd end up spending a lot of time and energy trying to convince myself that it's not, and that no one makes perfect music, artists put out stuff they don't like all the time, I'll learn from however it goes, it's the 'doing' that matters etc etc etc. It was this cyclical, internal back-and-forth that happened as months passed in the background and ... here we are. Before, this used to be heavy on me... A debilitating, crushing psychological weight... A failure (scroll to the bottom). Because, subconsciously, it was all happening in this compact and compressed understanding of 'time' ... "You need to do this by this time. You need to accomplish this by this age. You need to be there by that one. Look at everyone else".


I'm reading and drawing more. And breathing more. I'm softer with myself. Time is less of a judgement now. If I never write a song I like again, it is what it is, innit? Ideally, with time, we understand ourselves and the world more deeply and redesign our steps with the new information... People become new things all the time.

I just needed time to get to this point. To have this view. A greener pasture.

3. Man has an insta for the drawings, come through, say hi 😀  - https://www.instagram.com/drawingrivers/

4. Can we laugh at Americans for a second?

Background: I was watching a Howard Zinn talk a few days ago, where he was talking about America's three "holy" wars: The revolutionary war, civil war and WW2 (save it in your playlist and watch it later, trust me) and how war/militarism are such entrenched and almost default actions and responses for American (domestic and foreign) policy and worldview (and to the "American identity").

Then, as I'm (passively) watching 'Arrival' a few days later, towards the end (I might have the story line slightly twisted, so allow it in advance) of a protracted and frustrating process of trying to figure out the aliens' language, the only viable and logical option that 'America' (I'm using that collectively for the intelligence/military organizations) sees it has is to bomb/kill/destroy/go to war with these aliens. One of the triggers was a misunderstanding about the aliens saying or not saying/meaning or not meaning "weapons" (or whichever word it was). The spaceships they landed in should've been the most obvious sign that these mans aren't some likkle X-Files tings, but Americans were like, "Nah, we didn't wear these camo jackets for fun. What's good?". Their language literally transcends space and time, but Americans were like, "We have tanks though". The idea that it is normal and rational for a country to constantly hover between actively bombing people or be in perpetual debates about who it should or shouldn't bomb next, and that those are the only possible states it (and its citizens) can exist in, is a deeply American thing. Hollywood almost unfailingly instills in the American mind that American war is good and natural and even necessary ... and to the rest of us, "You might be next".