The thing

Added on by Rivers.

I've been thinking about this.

Kind of passively, but also meaningfully ... in a jokey way, but also seriously.

Because, it's a serious thing.


Thinking about quitting a thing. Taking the steps to quit a thing. And then quitting the thing.

Quitting is also a virtuous thing. A worthy thing. A worthwhile thing.

It's not a signifier of weakness. Or a prelude to failure.

I need to hear that more.

I need to believe that more.

It's a decision like staying, or trying longer, or gritting your teeth, or pulling your hair ... and getting on with it.

And that's the thing, the one-sidedness of "quitting". Staying also has consequences, and labor, and sweat, and emotions.

Staying is not always benign. Or non-political. Or casual.

It's not about staying though. Or the people who are counting on you to stay. Or the reasons why you won't die if you stay.

It's about quitting. And its value. Its logic. Its weight. 

It's about quitting a thing.