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Ok... So, I've been in a self-induced rut lately. I'm using "self-induced" very lightly. You know when you're in a space (emotional, mental, spiritual or even physical) that you're unhappy with but not unhappy enough to do anything about? I've been in that space for a while. I think it's called... complacency. When you're not happy with where you are but you're not unhappy enough to actually move or get up and do something about it? Yeah, I'm there and I hate it. So, I've decided to do something about it. A dedicated and gradual something.

This is for me and you and us... If you feel like you've been in that space. That dull, numbing, grey space, where nothing happens but it's not heavy enough to make you want to leave or run or breathe new air, fresh air, deep air, clean air. This is for us, because I'm there, wading in the water that's getting cold but not cold enough to make me want to get out.

I've decided to do one thing for my music everyday, every single fucking day, for the rest of the year. Whether it's send an email to a music blog, talk to/work with/learn from other artist(s), write, open mics, come up with plans for an EP/video/recording, post on my blog... anything. I want to do something every single day for my music for the rest of the year and see what opportunities it'll create, what doors it'll open, what places it'll take me, what people it'll introduce me to, what changes it'll make for me, what it'll take out of my life... Because I need to live like I believe in this. No one will believe in it for me. No one will make it happen for me. No one will give it to me. No one will give it to me. No one will give it to me. I have to go out there and get it because no one will give it to me.

At the end of every month, I'll have a summary of what I've learned/done that month and how it's all gone/going... All my failures, rejections, disappointments, victories and discoveries.

I'll tell you errthang.

Because I want to hold myself accountable. More importantly, I want to see myself win. Shouldn't we all though? Shouldn't we all want to cheer for ourselves and invest in our dreams and believe in our futures?

So, if you're also in this rut, I definitely think - no, I KNOW - you should do this with me. We should do this together. We should start today.

Let's start today.