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1. After you clean/clear your desktop and feel like you can finally start receiving Beyonce's blessings and prosper in life...

2. I was watching one of Kanye's interviews a few days ago and he said, "There's a lack of creativity in every field because people are afraid" which made me think about my last post, and I almost completely forgot what's sort of obvious now... people also don't challenge themselves because they're afraid. Fear of the unknown keeps you in the same place, doing the same things, with the same people, having the same conversations, based on the same ideas. 

Challenging yourself is such a romantic idea though. The reality of actually doing it means having to be aware of your fears but not letting them overwhelm you... I'm scared of making mistakes/trying too hard/not listening to myself/fitting in/being lazy/giving up. I'm working on it. I'm working on committing myself to creative challenges and not letting (my very real and loud) fears box me in.

3. I read this incredible article on Medium yesterday about "Exodus" and Hollywood's chronic whitewashing (and the space it occupies within the larger discussion of America's race issues), so I thought I'd share my favorite parts of it:

I couldn't have put it better even if I tried.