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1. The last few times (that?) I've been to the studio, it's been important for me to go to this park to sit and be quiet and think and worry and look around and look up and look down and just be there.  

2. Can I stunt on you real quick? One of my main resolutions this year was to read more... I've been out here fam.

3. ... The other one was to collaborate more/generally know and talk to more artists. Here's the thing though - this year has been crushingly tough for me creatively. I made an incredibly (low key below) average EP, which meant I had to scrap it and go back to square one, which then left me in a suffocating and deep writer's block for the past few months. Unfortunately for me, (throughout this whole process) I learned that I can't really disentangle my psychological health from my creative one - there was/is this interdependence between my writer's block and intermittent feelings of depression/anxiety and the other way round.

I'm better now and back to work.

See you soon.