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1. I read this beautiful thing in an article somewhere last week

And heard this in a Chimamanda interview I was watching earlier

I'm obsessed with her. 

One of the most liberating and transformative ideologies I've learned and focused on this year has been the importance of women's self-definition and self-authority, especially in a society that is so focused on dictating and policing who and how women and girls should be and how they should be treated.  

2. I've been stuck lately. I think very few things in life are as emotionally and mentally draining as spending seemingly endless amounts of time doing something you deeply despise... This dissertation man.

3. I was thinking of names yesterday for my next music project and one of them was "Midnight oil" because of the phrase "burning the midnight oil" (which is what my life currently consists of), then I thought about it again today (with a sober and less hazy mind) and realized it sounds like a lubricating gel that comes in a dark blue tube with a werewolf drawn on it. (The werewolf part "made sense" because of 80s/90s films where people would turn into werewolves at midnight). I'm not sure how a werewolf lubricating gel would work. I stopped thinking about the logistics of it when I realized what I was actually thinking about so... 

4. I discovered a mini library near my place a few days ago and it's really small and dainty and perfect. It looks like a place where you'd accidentally discover really important and valuable ancient literary artifacts or ... an old lady knitting a sweater somewhere in the corner.  

5. I realized I listen to 'Yeezus' almost every week and the first verse of 'I'm in it' will always be perfect. (I know that the second verse of 'New Slaves' is definitely the best verse on that entire album and Imma let you finish... but 'I'm in it's first verse is a close second/third).

6. It's late.