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1. Jada Pinkett-Smith did an interview with Sway a few weeks ago and she served this realness

Which reminded of this Abraham Maslow quote

That's the battle though... Self-validation without external validation. How do you know what you're doing is good if other people don't tell you it's good? How do you not depend on other people telling you it's good for you to know that what you're doing is good? 

I think self-awareness is an important part of that emotional/cognitive calculation... being aware of the moments that you find yourself depending on other people's opinions (both good and bad) and re-adjusting it to "I don't need other people's opinions to validate what I do or who I am". (Is that too Kanye-ish?). 

It's a constant and engaging process... defining and valuing yourself/what you do in spite of other people's definitions and values of you/what you do.  

2. Studio day 2. I always have the same thoughts before and after the studio:

Before: Why am I doing this? I'm nervous. I don't want to get off this train. Whyyyy? 

After: Yasss Gaga yasss.

Podcasts usually calm me in the 'before' stage. (Don't squint bruh, click to enlarge)