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1. I'm convinced Kanye wrote this about me...

(The 'major that I majored' in is/was clinical and abnormal psychology btw)

2. I got a lovely review over at cassette-rewind (which you should check out... by "should", I mean "must", by "must" I mean "I'd really appreciate it").

Slight tangent - I almost never listen to my own music. It's such a naked and vulnerable aspect/expression of me that interacting with it makes me... want to hide. It's probably going to get easier and better with time.

Speaking of getting better - 3. I'm going to get better with time... creatively, musically, lyrically, vocally. I'm (gradually getting) less scared of trying, failing and giving up now than I was a few months ago (the last two being my most stubborn and severe fears, small spaces being a close third because I'm deathly claustrophobic... Why can't elevators have see-through doors or those metal cage-y ones? Whyyyyyyy?)

I'm less scared of trying new ideas, sounds, stories, concepts with the harsh understanding that some of the things I'll try will fail. Miserably. And almost all my mistakes will be in front of you/people. I'm also less scared now of giving up on a project despite how much time, money and energy I've invested into it, if at some point I feel that it's not going to work... which reminds me of something I read in a Werner Herzog interview:

4. PDR made an incredible remix to "Come Outside". I hope you like it as much as I do.

Slight tangent - It's weird (in a good way) that some of my most honest and personal lyrics happen to be on one of the most fun songs I have.