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(I always go through the "Why are you even doing this? Who cares about this?" debate before I click "upload" on soundcloud. It's such a vulnerable and violent moment. I hope it gets easier.)

I wrote "come outside" in (about) a day and a half. It was pretty easy compared to "disgrace" and "I get ill" because I feel like those songs had a lot of imagery and figurative language so it took me a while trying to arrange all the pieces but "come outside" was more direct and simple.

"Come outside" is (essentially) a letter to myself about deciding to live... passionately, freely, bravely live. It's about feeling unsure and left behind when everyone else is moving forward and living. For the most part, I'm a pretty restrained and introverted person and I think I sort of use it as an excuse to not do things that take me out of my comfort zone. I don't want who I think I am to stop who I can be. So "come outside" was sort of a monologue of me telling myself that I need to stop getting in my own way and be more abandoned.

That's where the fun is... Outside the repeated, automated, ordinariness of life.