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1. Kanye's "rants" are motivational speeches.

2. Book of the month.

3. Tina Knowles said this in a speech I watched a few months ago and ... it's so perfect.

It's so simple but layered and complete. It feels like the theory of everything.

(I think) Feeling stuck (and/or lost) sometimes is psychologically harder to deal with than an acute form of pain ... pain that can't be explained, articulated or understood seems significantly more dangerous than pain that can be explained, articulated and understood. The monotony (and quiet pervasiveness) of "I'm still here. Nothing's happening. Nothing's changing. What am I doing?" gradually and unconsciously dismantles you. I'm learning that it's incredibly important to pay attention to yourself... and to prioritize yourself... and to honor yourself... and to support yourself. Owning yourself is (a) conscious business.  

4. I'm back home for a while, reveling in tropical Kenyan weather. I'm 87.9% sure I'll shed literal, actual, salt tears when I get back to the UK and have to wear a coat.

5. I'm excited about the music I will/want to make this year. I think everything before "Milk and honey" was (largely) practice/Ira Glass' "gap". I'm learning (and paying attention to) what I enjoy/what works for me and it's giving me the space and courage to focus less on other people's music and styles and trying to see where I (could) fit in within that entire sound/landscape of indie artists and more on my own personal and artistic self-definitions and directions.

(I'm also really excited about collaborating/knowing more artists this year and hopefully nagging them into having cyclical and reflective conversations about how they navigate and balance optimism and realism with their goals and hopes)

6. Filming 'Vincent' in an exceptionally cold studio somewhere in Cardiff.