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I typically have one-word instagram captions ... contextual stories don't hurt.

I lived in the same place for about 2 and a half years after moving out of student accommodation and loved it because it was this dainty one bedroom house that gave me space to grow as an adult and also actual, literal, physical space to work on my music freely without worrying about flatmates... Until those last 3/4 months when the house became a prison (anyone who's had a shady landlord understands how cyclical, insidious and heavy the relationship between you and them and you and your house can be). I took this picture (left) at a coffee shop after doing some visa work and I remember not wanting to leave. I was at a point where I was getting real physical reactions to even being near that house ... my stress and anxiety about it, which I thought I could largely compartmentalize and (almost) suppress were affecting me and didn't even know it; because I called my sister a few minutes after taking that picture to tell her that I was done with the visa stuff and in the middle of a generally trivial conversation, I just broke down and she didn't understand it ... and (at that time) I didn't (really, fully) understand it either.

I was listening to a Ravi Zacharias sermon last week where he said:

Then I moved out about a week after taking that picture. I remember taking the one on the right on my first weekend at my new place and being in awe of how beautiful and quiet and calm it was (and still is). I'm living in a holy land.