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1. So, I have this book...

... That houses all my songs, new words that I learn (yes... yes...), quotes I pick up along the way, stuff to check out (music, documentaries, movies, websites, shows blah blah blah) and random thoughts I feel are important to remember at some later time. (Random side note 1: I have a weird relationship with quotes. For the most part, I think they're instructive and encouraging but I also think they're almost (equally) self-pandering. Whatevz. And 2: I almost always write in pencil, which is sad because I only have 1 pencil left. Bruhhh, as in just a single one. I need to buy more pencils).  

Here are a few of my (acontextual) thoughts/writings:

- It's important to set challenging but realistic goals for ourselves. But, I think it's almost as important that we measure them according to standards we've set for ourselves and not by what has been defined by others for us.

- Pretty people need to never talk.

- What do rich people do all day?

- Watch Tupac documentary.

- I have to be selective and specific about all of my music projects because I don't have the luxury of money.

- Don't be afraid.

- If you don't understand, ask questions.

- No one cares about who you think you are. 

- I try not to romanticize this process and how harsh and unforgiving it is, but it's hard to not have a child-like hope about something you really believe in.

- Where does all the time go?

- Buy book about human biology.

- I hope to live with courage, conviction and decision.

- You don't believe what you're saying and I don't believe you.

- We have to give ourselves permission to quit.

2. I got a lovely feature on Crayonbeats this week :)

3. I'm still about that reading life 

Last month's read: The autobiography of Malcolm X... I get teary-eyed thinking about how this book affected me.

If you gradually want to get back into reading, you should get this :)

About to finish: The Knife Man

4. You should have some pizza today. Treat yo'self.