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17 hunned plays in a day... Jesus H Christ. I'm all up in all my feelings right now. (Thank y'all, even if you pressed play by mistake, I'm still counting that so the sooner you accept it, the better)

Ok, so back to regular programming. I listened to the audio version of this quote (which was much longer) a few days ago and luckily found the image/picture/text (?) version so I just thought I'd share it because I think it's so profound and encouraging.

I find myself struggling with this sometimes because I always have a very clear and vivid idea of what my song (in this context) should sound like and sometimes the end-product doesn't match that expectation and it can be frustrating... but after reading/listening to Ira talk about this "gap", it helps so (so so so) much to know that even great storytellers/designers/general creators go through it. Creating is (to an extent) a trial-and-error process and I need to learn how to accept that. Not every idea I choose to pursue is going to be as good as it is in my head and some of them are going to be even more inventive than I thought they would be. I need to be accepting of and ready for either outcome.

I'm still learning how to believe in what I'm doing so seeing my shortcomings (now) as parts of a trial-and-error process instead of absolute failure makes everything easier and more productive.

See you tomorrow :)