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(Let's try this 30 day blog thing again... Day 1)

I was in the studio this Thursday (which means new music this week, yay!) and it was a great sesh (session). I remember feeling anxious/nervous before even calling to book studio time because I hadn't made music in a while and it all felt so foreign. I'd gotten used to living with my music in my head and going to the studio means actually putting it out... Actually singing it and giving it life, which is still (slightly) uncomfortable for me. Uncomfortable because I'm self-conscious about it and because I feel like I'm doing something that's bigger than me that I don't fully know if I'm capable of.

I guess that's normal, right?

It reminds me of that Betty Bender quote:

  "Anything I've ever done that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death"

The nerves help though. They remind me that I'm doing something that's outside the ordinariness of my life. The thing is... I need to remember that. I need to remember that. I need to remember that when it comes to something  I'm passionate about, feeling nervous isn't a sign of unreadiness or that I should run or quit... It's a sign that I've decided to live outside my comfort zone. I've decided to do something that needs me to show up.  

"Showing up" needs effort... decision... dedication... and balls. 

Anywhoo, dentist*, house viewing and new blog post tomorrow.

See you tomorrow :)

*P.S. my dentist looks like he just walked off a GQ magazine cover so every visit involves conflicting feelings of overwhelming anger at the fact that he's prodding my mouth with sharp horror film-esque devices and pure joy because this greek god* of a man is literally a few inches away from my half-numb face

*P.S. He's not Greek, that analogy just fit his perfect, bearded face