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I was sitting in class today, totally detached from physically being there so I decided to write about that specific moment. Welcome to blog entry 4 (?)

("Alcohol: our favourite drug" was today's topic in one of my classes, not my "journal title entry"... It is an interesting drug though)

" The lecturer's talking about an assignment we were supposed to do by today but I have terrible time management and spent most of my time doing my assignments last-minute and working on a song I'll either call "come outside" or "pegasus". I prefer "come outside" - it's simpler (and prettier?). I want to live. I want to have courage to live.

Plan your time better and prioritize. ALSO, don't be boring, predictable or scared with your art; it's an extension of you. Make it interesting.

Stop living in your head, it's becoming a prison. You let principles get in the way. So come outside where the big boys are, I know you are one of us.

Stop living in your head

It's becoming a prison

You let principles get in the way"