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(I want to try and blog every day for 30 days because I'm still in that "It's a new year and I want to do/start something" haze. Here we go.)

Since it's the 1st, it's only right that I start with a resolutions post (right?). Personally, I'm indifferent to new years' resolutions. I usually don't do them but I'm not against them. I think we can/should make resolutions whenever we feel/think there's an aspect of our lives that needs a certain level of change. We don't have to postpone it to the 1st (or Monday - since change almost always starts with "From Monday, I'll...") for it to be valid or possible or more important.


i) Make good music

ii) Make a lot of good music

iii) Be more

iv) Do more

v) Order less pizza and cook more.


It's 11:58 am, 1/1/14.

Happy new year!!!